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Caribbean Beach Resort

Disney’s Caribbean Beach ResortWhen it comes to accommodations, Walt Disney World offers its guests many unique choices. From rustic campgrounds to deluxe resorts, there is truly something for everyone. The amenities, attention to detail, and customer service set Disney’s hotels apart from the rest and guests have come to expect something extra special when staying on property.

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort provides that for those who answer the call of the islands and make it their home away from home while on vacation. Located between Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney Springs, the resort offers a combination of comfort and convenience. Upon arriving at the resort, guests check in at the Custom House, which is modeled after government buildings one might find lining the busy streets of a tropical paradise. Disney’s Magical Express drops off and picks up guests from there as well. For those who want to skip the line and proceed directly to their room, the resort offers online check-in. This time saving service sends you a text message and an email to notify you when your room is ready and where it is located.Caribbean Beach village You can then head right to your room, using your Magic Band (already mailed to your home prior to arrival) as your key.

The spacious guest rooms are spaced out across the property’s six villages: Trinidad North, Trinidad South, Martinique, Barbados, Aruba, and Jamaica. Martinique and Trinidad North are closest to Old Port Royale, which houses the resort’s two restaurants, shops, and largest pool. Internal bus service is available to transport guests around the resort; however, I recommend taking a leisurely stroll or ride a surrey bicycle around Barefoot Bay’s 1.4 mile promenade to take in the sights and sounds of the Caribbean.

Old Port Royale pool

The tropical theme continues in the colorfully decorated hotel rooms. Each village is adorned in vibrant hues of blue, pink, orange, and purple. The rooms are spacious at 314 square feet and offer either a king or two queen beds. Rooms with king beds are limited, and may be requested when making a reservation. A small number of rooms also feature a fold-down single bed, making them ideal for families of five. The resort does not offer rollaway beds but does provide pack and play cribs upon request. There is a large dressing area that is separated from the rest of the room by large sliding doors. These doors open to reveal a large vanity with ample counter space and two sinks, plus storage underneath as well. The small, open closet is here as well as an electronic safe for storing your valuables. A separate door reveals the bathroom, with a shower/tub combination and toilet. The signature H2O+ toiletries in blushing orange are available for guests, complete with Mickey Mouse ears on the bottles. Other amenities included a refrigerator, coffee maker, and ceiling fan. We especially enjoyed having a refrigerator to keep our water and snacks cold while we explored the resort. Accessible rooms offer a roll-in shower and king bed, plus additional amenities, and can be requested when booking your room.
Water slide The resort recently underwent an extensive renovation which brought about new décor and, for an extra charge, pirate-themed rooms where daring swashbucklers can rest in pirate-themed beds after a long day of adventure.

One of our favorite spots was the pirate-themed pool located at Old Port Royale. The pool is themed after a Spanish fort, complete with canons, and features zero-entry; two water slides; recreational activities led by Disney Cast Members; a hot tub; restrooms; and the Banana Cabana Pool Bar. Seating fills up early in the day so it’s best to grab a spot as soon as possible. If the pool is particularly crowded, you can also go for a swim in the smaller “quiet” pools in each of the villages or lounge on their beaches. Children who are less than 48” tall can also play in the adjacent splash area and get soaked by a water bucket as they climb and slide.

Once you’ve worked up an appetite splashing away in the sun or enjoying the many recreational activities, you can dine at the Old Port Royale Food Court. The tropical theme continues inside and there are several stations that offer a taste of the islands. Depending on the time of day, you can choose from dishes as Mickey Waffles, Cuban burgers and sandwiches, and other favorites including pizza and pasta. Prices are on par with the food courts at other Disney resorts, and service is available from 6:30 am until midnight. If you’re looking for more formal dining, Shutters is open from 5–10 pm and offers dishes such as banana-crusted mahi mahi, Caribbean surf and turf, and island pasta with shrimp. The appetizers and entrees are pricey, and we didn’t see much on the menu that appealed to us, so we decided to pass.

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