Sandals Negril Beach Resort and Spa

Resort And Spa

Introducing completely transformed suites with every innovative luxury.

New spacious rooms and loft suites in the stunning Coconut Blocks have been redesigned and now offer superb features including chic contemporary furniture, lavish bathrooms, and patios with beautiful coral stone floors, plus outdoor Tranquility Soaking Tubs to take in the beauty that surrounds you in a true island paradise where all you need is love.

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Located directly on the beach on the first floor of the Paradise Building, these rooms feature mahogany furnishings, in-room bars, four-poster king-size bed, a 32" Plasma TV and a patio. Rooms include Suite Concierge Service.

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Set on the Longest Stretch of Jamaica's Famed Seven-Mile Beach

Sands as soft and white as powdered sugar as far as the eye can see. Water that's always perfect and flat. Fresh east-blowing breezes. These are the things that make this one of the most celebrated beaches on the planet. Spend sun-kissed days playing on the beach and exploring the ocean, and moonlit nights dancing barefoot in the sand to sultry reggae rhythms emanating from beachside bars.

Swim-up to Your Beachfront Patio

The Swim-up Crystal Lagoon Suites at Sandals' Negril offer stunning ocean views and refined furnishings that create a restful oasis. Step from the soothing waters into the opulent elegance of a suite lavished with Italian glass mosaic tiles, designer fixtures, marble and mahogany. The Swim-Up Lagoon Suites even include Butler service and 24-hour room service, giving you the ultimate indulgence.

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Your Own Private Paradise

The Millionaire Honeymoon Suites offer refined elegance with richly appointed interiors that combine contemporary furnishings with the warmth of a Jamaican plantation home. First floor suites open to a secluded walled-in garden patio with a plunge pool, cascading water features, a tiki-hut lounge and outdoor grotto shower. It's a perfectly delightful spot to have your butler set up breakfast each morning.

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Uncompromising Standards

Our unprecedented Butler Service, only available in our very highest level of suites, provides our most discerning guests with an unimaginably supreme standard of service and luxury, where your every need is anticipated.

Your personal butler is trained in accordance to exacting standards by the Guild of Professional English Butlers, which provides butlers and valets to nobility and celebrities worldwide.

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Unlimited Dining at 7 Restaurants

Set off on a culinary journey at Sandals Negril, where seven world-class restaurants offer tantalizing temptations. From the authentic Northern Italian cuisine of Cucina Romana and mouthwatering Jamaican fare at Sundowner, to fresh seafood served right on the beach at Barefoot By The Sea, you'll find plenty to whet your appetite. The ambience is as extraordinary as the cuisine, and it's all included.

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Caribbean-Inspired Spa Treatments

Discover a sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation at Red Lane® Spa, where classic European rituals are reinterpreted with a distinctive Caribbean flair. You'll find a unique sense of tranquility with a selection of exclusive services infused with botanical products, transforming your quest for inner beauty into a journey of endless self-discovery.

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