Dorado Beach Resort and Club

Beach Club Resort

The tradition of golf at Dorado Beach is as rich as this magnificent estate's history. Beginning in 1955, renowned golf architect Robert Trent Jones, Sr. set out to create the finest golf resort in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, culminating in several spectacular, 18-hole layouts that have played host to celebrities, world leaders, golf legends and PGA tournaments. Today, golf at Dorado Beach continues to thrill and delight golfers of all skill levels with 4 Robert Trent Jones, Sr. golf courses.

These "must-play" Caribbean golf courses run through lush jungle and oceanfront coconut groves, challenging golfers of all types. After one picturesque round at any of Dorado Beach's four golf courses, you'll certainly find out what this exclusive Puerto Rico golf resort is all about.

At the end of an epic day of golf with friends, the beautiful golf Clubhouse awaits with a relaxing beverage or gourmet meal served while you enjoy panoramic views of the fairways and mountains beyond. Home of the lively Hacienda Bar & Terrace, exotic Zafra Restaurant, breezy Mediterranean terraces and the fully stocked Pro Shop, every day can begin and end here.

East Championship Course

Original panoramic site lines to the ocean have been restored on 15 of 18 holes. Native sand harvested from surrounding beaches highlights the contoured bunker complexes. New ultra-dwarf Champion Bermuda greens support double-digit speeds with a number of hole locations on every green. A course layout that now stretches more than 7, 200 yards, Dorado Beach East is as formidable from the championship tee as it is forgiving from the forward tee.

The Diverse Sugarcane Course

Par: 72
Championship length:
7, 119 yards

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