Marina El Cid Spa and Beach Resort

Resort And Spa

How far can a vacation getaway take you? At El Cid Marina Beach the possibilities are endless. Surrounded by sea, sand and style, this oasis is your perfect intimate escape. Discover new activities and thrilling excursions topped off by delicious meals and refreshing drinks by the marina. Continue the adventure in town with lazy strolls down historical cobblestone streets. Shop, dine and explore authentic Mexican culture in this thriving city knowing that the comfort and tranquility of your spacious suite await.

  • Casually elegant, Mediterranean-style accommodations
  • Secluded beach, reachable by a quick water taxi ride
  • La Marina restaurant, featuring savory seafood delights, overlooking the ocean
  • La Marina Sports Bar & Terrace
  • Two pools and a spacious Jacuzzi
  • Two pool-side snack bars
  • Wireless internet access (for a daily or per-week fee)
  • El Cid Kid’s Club and Teen’s Club at El Cid Castilla Beach Hotel
  • Warm and welcoming, multilingual staff
  • Water sports
  • Banana boat rides
  • Hobie Cat Catamarans
  • Jet skiing and boogie boarding at nearby El Cid Castilla Beach Hotel
  • Golf, tennis and spa access at nearby El Cid Golf & Country Club
  • Mini golf
  • Horseback riding nearby
  • Bicycle rentals
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