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North Myrtle Beach

North Beach Plantation is a luxury resort located in North Myrtle Beach and features a luxury penthouse.North Beach Plantation is a luxury resort located in North Myrtle Beach and features a luxury penthouse.

With hundreds of great restaurants, golf courses and a myriad entertainment options, Myrtle Beach is the perfect place for a top-notch vacation. And with these luxury resorts ready to cater to and pamper you during your stay, there's no better place to relax and unwind.

From bubbling water features to fine bed linens to exquisite spas, these Myrtle Beach area luxury resorts make your trip one you won't soon forget. Looking for more options? Check out our full list of Myrtle Beach resorts.

The impressive towers of North Beach Plantation rise from a pristine stretch of beach in North Myrtle Beach and stretch to cover 7.5 acres. With a myriad amenities and accommodations, including condos up to five bedrooms, North Beach Plantation can make any family or group's beach vacation a special occasion. If you want really up the ante book the seven-bedroom penthouse, The Bridge. Relax and get pampered in the renowned Cinzia spa for a truly luxurious experience.

Every detail of your Marina Inn vacation is designed with luxury in mind. From the lavish rooms and modern decor to the marina views from the terrace, the Marina Inn aims to meet the impeccable tastes of its guests. A shuttle whisks guests to a private, full-service beach complete with chairs, umbrellas, towels and lifeguards. After a long day of sun and fun, check out the WaterScapes restaurant, focused on local, sustainable selections from an award-winning chef.

Nestled in a tranquil residential section of Myrtle Beach, Island Vista boasts the best in "barefoot luxury." That is, the surroundings are upscale but the feel is decidedly casual: shorts and sandals are welcome here! Check out the delicious Lowcountry cuisine of the Cypress Room restaurant or relax by the great outdoor pools. The rooms are impressive with comfortable living spaces to keep your family cozy.

The floor-to-ceiling windows available in every unit of the Oceans One resort offer a spectacular view of the Atlantic and the beautiful Myrtle Beach coast. The view inside is almost as nice: beautiful decor and modern furnishings with all the comforts of home. Pool features include an interactive splash zone for the kids as well as indoor/outdoor whirlpools.

Each of the 255 two-room suites at the Embassy Suites Myrtle Beach - Oceanfront offers a private balcony, complementary breakfast buffet, modern decor and cozy living areas. Property highlights include the 50, 000 square foot health club, the Caribbean-themed water playground, nine pools, lighted tennis courts and two oceanfront restaurants.

Check out the view of the expansive pool deck from the floor-to-ceiling windows of your Avista Resort condo. The rooms are tastefully decorated and cozy while the amenities are plentiful. With three pools, two lazy rivers, a kiddie pool and more, Avista has something for everyone. Stop at Just Off Main for a delicious dinner or have a cocktail in the Tree Top Lounge on the fourth floor.

Hilton Myrtle Beach Resort at Kingston Plantation offers luxury rooms with the service you'd expect from the notorious hotel brand. Their stylish guest rooms come equipped with Hilton Sweet Dreams bedding, private balconies and tons of extras. Book a suite with a wet bar, two balconies and sitting area for more room during your stay. Guests can enjoy a resort shuttle service, daily housekeeping, 24-hour security and access to nine resort pools, a waterpark and sports and health club.

The Wydham Ocean Boulevard is a high-rise condo building located oceanfront in North Myrtle Beach. Their stylish condos feature one or two bedrooms, bathrooms with whirlpool tubs, full kitchens and private bedrooms. The resort has three outdoor pools, two indoor pools, eight hot tubs and a state-of-the-art fitness center. Be sure to book an oceanfront room for the full beach vacation experience.

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