White Sands Beach Resort Grand Turk

Grand Beach Resort

Set between the Grand Turk Cruise Terminal and the popular Governor's Beach is White Sands Beach. Most of the time the beach remains uncrowded and almost desolate, but when cruise ships are in port tourists seem to swarm the area.

Located on the island of Grand Turk, You might think about stopping by even if you aren't staying in the vicinity. Not looking forward to staking out a spot at a busy beach? All the more reason you should find a beach that isn't overly lined with restaurants and beach bars; relatively untouched parts of the coast like White Sands Beach might not be typical "beach scenes", but are nice and private.

How to Access The Beach

Visitors can access the beach via the Grand Turk Cruise Terminal.

Amenities and Ambiance

White Sands Beach, as one can imagine, enjoys a nice long stretch of powder soft white sand along sparkling blue water. Fishing boats dot the relatively calm waters.

Unfortunately, public restrooms aren't available, so if you're visiting with small children you might want to consider a different location.

If you usually favor beaches that grant a peaceful experience, then think about trying out White Sands Beach; it's found in a less urbanized area of the region.


If you're intrigued by Turks and Caicos' history, many sites offer unique historical perspectives on the area. One of the nearest historical attractions is Brown House, which is eight and a half miles to the south west.

With a selection of nearby activities, you'll never run low on things to do. The closest attractions are found in the following table.

Cities and Towns

White Sands Beach is very close to Cockburn Town, so travelers staying in town won't have far to go. White Sands Beach guests seeking some additional excitement might want to consider going to Cockburn Town, which is nearby and is an active, busy area. From the shore, Cockburn Town isn't far off, about two miles (three and a half kilometers).


The mood here——social and lively, or virtually empty—— will depend on how many hotel guests decide to make the trip as well. The area does not have very many large hotels, but you may encounter guests staying at smaller accommodations in the area.

You'll find a good amount of lodgings within driving distance. A few of the more convenient choices can be viewed in the table below.


A hot day at the beach will have you craving more than just a cocktail; no beach day is complete until you visit a nearby restaurant, where you'll be able to get a taste of the local fare, within just a few miles of this shoreline. One of the nearest restaurants is Froots. This restaurant has a menu featuring American cuisine. They're perhaps most famous, though, for their salads and sandwiches.

Some nearby restaurant options are shown in the table below.

Other Beaches

Grand Turk has several beautiful beaches, so perhaps you can explore more than one.

Travelers may also want to consider Governor's Beach, which is located less than a mile to the northwest. Governor's Beach on Grand Turk is a gorgeous beach with soft, white sands and calm waters. The relative seclusion found here is great for taking a long stroll down the coast, while snorkeling is also a favorite activity.

You may find that White Sands Beach is a great fit for your vacation, but maybe you want to see more; in which case you should keep looking for a beach or natural attraction that suits your vacation style.

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