Turquoise Bay Dive & Beach Resort

Bay Beach Resort

Along the northern coast of Roatan, one of Honduras’s picturesque Bay Islands, is where you’ll find Turquoise Bay Dive and Beach Resort. This 3-star resort’s friendly staff, relaxed atmosphere and stunning views make it a favourite among sun-worshipping vacationers and avid divers. Turquoise Bay lives up to its name with sparkling aqua-tinted waters and an epic beachfront that shares the bay with tropical green gardens. Hotel rooms or special dive suites feature all the amenities and contemporary decor to make this a comfortable, luxurious home-sweet-home. Exciting land and water activities make this a haven for families, with everything from horseback riding to wake boarding, and deep sea fishing to beach volleyball. The modern spa offers romantic, relaxing moments for honeymooners and couples looking for ultimate rest and relaxation. A delicious selection of foods and flavours abound at the international buffet, while tropical cocktails and beverages are prepared right before your eyes at the resort’s on-site bars.

  • Direct flights with our Award-Winning Champagne Service
  • Exclusive Offers negotiated by our Travel Experts
  • Unique Holiday Collections Designed Just for You

Gardenview Room

  • Maximum Number of Adults 3
  • Maximum Number of Children 2
  • Maximum Occupancy 4
  • Air-conditioned
  • Desk
  • 1 King or 2 Double beds
  • Cable TV
  • Balcony or Terrace
  • Bathroom
  • Telephone
  • Coffee maker
  • Hair dryer
  • Internet access ($)

All Inclusive

• Buffet breakfast, Lunch & Dinner daily plus snacks
• All drinks (domestic beer and cocktails, house wine with dinner)
• Kayaks & introductory Scuba lesson in the pool

5 Days 2 Tank Dive Daily Inclusions

5 Days 2 Tank Dives Room Category:
• 2 Dives per day for 5 days
• Professional PADI instructor
• Water & fruits onboard
• Weights
• Weight belt
• Air tanks
All other gears are not included and can be rented on board.
Divers must be certified

Honeymoon Bonus

• Fruit basket
• Bottle of sparkling wine/champagne in room upon arrival

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