TradeWinds Island Resort St. Pete Beach

Island Beach Resort

At TradeWinds Island Resorts, we’re in the photo-making business! Every day, we serve up stunning backdrops at Guy Harvey Outpost, a 5-acre resort on St. Pete Beach in Florida

Guy Harvey Outpost Activities Tank experiences: “Swim with the Fishes” in our Tanked aquarium or visit the Touch Tank Fishing charters: Enlist the expertise of our Guy Harvey Outfitters for a memorable charter Fire pits: Roast marshmallows, a teen-favorite activity, at The SandBox Beach Lounge Li’l Guys Activities Center: Enjoy beach-y crafts and family activities with your Li’l Guys Loggerhead Marina: Moor your free of charge when you book your hotel room direct Lightning Watch Parties: Watch the Lightning games on a big screen TV right on the beach! See all activities

Guy Harvey Outpost

A 5-acre resort, Guy Harvey Outposts features an intimate array of accommodations certain to meet your every need. Use our Room Finder to choose your room, right down to the views and its many amenities.

4, 6 or 10 guests Rooms, suites, penthouse and more Tropical, pool, courtyard or Gulf front views * Unique amenities, like in-room Jacuzzis and pet-friendly suites ROOM FINDER SEE FULL LIST OF AMENITIES

RumFish Grill: Experience Florida’s finest seafood, plus a 33, 500-gallon aquarium The SandBox Beach Lounge: Eat at a toes-in-the-sand bar with light cuisine, plus s’mores! Guy’s GulfSide Grill: Enjoy beach breakfasts, poolside eats and sunset dinners at this grill RESORT DINING

Guy Harvey Outpost photo gallery

Filter and explore. TradeWinds’ photo gallery lets you filter our photo galleries to help you better explore our two resorts. Click the button below to begin your filtered Guy Harvey Outpost views


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