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Caribe Playa Beach Resort

While the all-inclusive resort is one of the most popular options on other islands like Jamaica, the opposite is true in Puerto Rico. Still, visitors interested in an all-inclusive stay will be able to find one on the island.

Many vacationers feel that all-inclusive resorts are a great deal. After all, you pay one set price for all of your food and entertainment, so you know exactly how much to budget for that portion of the trip before you even leave home. It's a weight off many traveler's shoulders, and helps to take away some of the pressure of pre-vacation planning. However, vacationers should keep in mind that each resort has different definitions of "all inclusive." Check with the individual resort to see what they include in their price.

Others feel that all of the in-resort activities and meals detract from the experience of visiting a Caribbean island. With so many other tourists and planned activities, all-inclusives make some people feel that they are actually missing out on something. Getting a true taste of Puerto Rican culture would certainly be more difficult without stepping outside of the resort's confines. Likewise, the resort's menu would probably have little local flare.

Accommodations Map

Those who generally oppose all-inclusive resorts may find many of Puerto Rico's all-inclusive properties a little more to their liking. Because these package often only include the price of the room and meals, guests are more likely to leave resort grounds to explore Puerto Rico's sites and attractions.

The Options

Some travelers like the reassurance of an all-inclusive package. There are several explanations why these plans are successful. For example, they offer the easiest way to know the full cost of your vacation in advance. Click on them to find more comprehensive details about amenities, activities, food, and more.

If you are organizing for some special occasion, or are traveling with a large party, you can find a group-friendly property like Parador Joyuda Beach Hotel. Once you arrive at the Parador Joyuda Beach Hotel you'll be swept away by the scenic coastal views and soothing sounds of the surf. Additionally, the rooms are nicely decorated, well-kept, and the staff is friendly. Visitors will be able to find them on Route 102 at Km. 11.7.

A property located on the water's edge worth mentioning is Hotel Parador Palmas de Lucia. It's easy to relax and unwind in the comfortable guest rooms at this charming hotel. On the southeastern shore of Puerto Rico, adjacent to the small town of Yabucoa, Hotel Parador Palmas de Lucia is located in a secluded area that offers a perfect balance of beach and mountain vistas. They're located at 901 Panoramic Road.

Another property to consider is Yunque Mar. Yunque Mar features six different types of guestrooms: Standard Room Full, Stand Room King, Family Room, Family Ocean View, Suite, and VIP Suite. Amenities vary greatly between the rooms, but standard amenities include air conditioning, a private bathroom, balcony, and cable television. Visitors will be able to find them at 6 First Street.

A variety of all-inclusives that can be found on the island are shown in the following chart.

Remember that some all-inclusives only include food and drinks, while others may also cover activities and spa treatments. Still, others reflect the true spirit of all-inclusive and include everything for a one-time fee.

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